Gotham premiere feels:


As it started:

Seeing baby Catwoman:

the whole Bruce and his parents scene:

then Bruce screams and:

my entire thought process through most of the episode: ‘Batman screamed like a girl….’

Okay, back to the show….

Seeing Alfred:

Seeing Gordon:

Seeing Harvey, his partner:

Seeing Edward Nigma:

Seeing Fish Mooney:

Seeing the Penguin:

The rest of the episode:

Panic! At The Disco's Stage Presence Through The Eras

  • Fever Era: strippers and dancers and top hats and circus goers
  • Pretty. Odd.: weeeeeeeed and hippies
  • Vices: *has a mental breakdown on stage every night*
  • Too Weird: now Brendon's the stripper and everything's got to do with sex but where is spencer
  • fall out boy: *releases new song*
  • fob fans:
  • fob fans:
  • fob fans:
  • fob fans:
  • fall out boy: *blinks*
  • fob fans: *2784397 MASHUPS*
  • fob fans: *78974358 GIFSETS*
  • fob fans: *87237465 PHOTO EDITS*
  • fob fans: *420 CONSPIRACY THEORIES*
what drugs have you done


nice try mom